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Marriott hotels near me 2019 – Best guide about Playa Del Carmen

Marriott hotels near me 2019 - Best guide about Playa Del Carmen

Marriott Hotels Near Me 2019 Overview:

Playa Del Carmen is a coastal resort town that is located on the Caribbean Sea in the heart of the Mexico. It is also known for famous beaches and exciting activities as well. The town is small enough where you can go anywhere you want. It is perfect Marriott hotels near me 2019 holiday destination if you are beach lover and want to spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is a vacationer’s paradise that is situated in Quintana Roo.

The only destination where you can enjoy a perfect weather, sunsets, and most importantly this place is for those persons who really like to have adventure trips. It gives you many opportunities for day traveling where you can explore many of the historical places like Mayan ruins, Cenotes, snorkel, or even find little island as well.

Below we have listed some of the real facts about the travel information and guidance about Marriott hotels near me 2019 – Playa Del Carmen to help you understand why this is the only best travel destination in the whole world.

What Sorts Of things You Can Do Once You Arrive At Playa Del Carmen Hotel?

There are many things you can do when you visit Playa Del Carmen. Because it is the perfect Caribbean destination where you can relax and have fun. You will find almost anything you like to do in this beautiful resort such as,

1) Lovely Beaches
2) Explore many ancient ruins
3) Snorkeling
4) Underwater diving
5) Eat delicious food
6) Games and sports activities
7) Shopping
8) Visit historical islands
9) Nightlife
10) Great restaurants and bars

What Is The Best Time To Visit This Beautiful Place?

The best time in a year to visit Playa Del Carmen is between August and October because the atmosphere of the weather is changed and you can enjoy visit it by yourself or with friends.

How You Can Get There?

You can visit the whole areas of this place hiring a public transportation that is affordable and makes it easy to explore the Riviera Maya Island, you can either get on a bus, or rent a scooter too visit yourself. However, there are some places where you only have to walk down the streets the most famous of them is 5th Avenue street which is always crowded with people.

How Much This Traveling Would Cost?

It is totally depend on you that how many day you want to spent on your vacation. Normally people spend for one week holiday dues and that would cost them approximately $995 for 2 weeks.


These are some of the real facts about Marriott hotels near me 2019. If you are looking for a best destination for your wedding vacation then this is the place that is worth of your time and you can make the most of it so many ways possible.

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